Ariana Grande Releases ‘Break Free’ Video: a Zedd Produced Song (Video)


Ariana Grande has just released her latest single ‘Break Free’ in a YouTube video (no actual official video yet, just the audio track).

The song has a great beat, it’s highly danceable and it was produced by Russian electronic music producer Zedd so, yes, it’s definitely a bit of a departure from what Ariana normally does.

Some fans will love it, others won’t (let’s face it, songs that stray from the ‘norm’ of what an artist usually does aren’t always loved by everyone), but I’d say Ariana Grande‘s ‘Break Free’ is going to get a lot of play in clubs around the world this summer. It’s catchy.

‘Break Free’, of course, is from Ariana’s upcoming new album ‘My Everything’, which you will be able to buy on iTunes when it releases on August 25th. Meanwhile, enjoy her new single in the video below.

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