Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan’s Sings ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ on AMPTV’s New Year’s Eve Show

iveta mukuchyan diamonds are a girls best friend

Iveta Mukuchyan, who is representing Armenia at Eurovision 2016, gave a fabulous performance of ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend‘ on AMPTV’s New Year’s Eve Show. A performance in which she not only started out sitting in a circle suspended high above the stage, bedecked in feathers and jewels, but was then lowered onto the stage where she joined a group of male dancers to do a more modern version of the classic Marilyn Monroe routine.

The arrangement of Mukuchyan’s ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend‘ was a little more modern than the original too, as it was also a partial mash-up with Madonna’s ‘Material Girl‘. Nice.

And I watch Iveta Mukuchyan doing stage routines like this, and I can’t help but think she is going to be fabulous at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm in May. After all, she has a cool stage presence, she can put on a good show, and her voice is beautiful.

In fact, Iveta Mukuchyan may just end up being the best artist Armenia has sent to the Eurovision Song Contest yet. Now let’s wait to see which song she is singing to find out if she can win.

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