Aurora performed ‘Animal’ live on Skavlan — “an ethereal perfect little weirdo”

I had already sat enthralled with an interview Norwegian singer songwriter Aurora gave to journalist Frederik Skavlan on his show Skavlan this week.  Then Aurora performed ‘Animal‘ live on Skavlan right after it.

And it wasn’t just her wonderful live performance of her latest single ‘Animal‘ I was delighted to experience, it was also reading one comment on the YouTube channel about that performance.

A comment that called Aurora “an ethereal, perfect little weirdo”. And I thought what a wonderful way that was to describe a singer that is more unusual than almost anyone else out there at the moment.

Someone who talks about things most other people would never admit they even think about, let alone talk about (death and how interesting it will be to die, collecting dead insects, why she touches people without them knowing, how she needs to find out if random things are hot or cold), and then uses these thoughts in her songs.

A singer who writes thoughtful, introspective, unique, odd and wonderful music and lyrics. Someone who acts and behaves differently than the ‘acceptable norm’.

And, of course, a singer who is such a weird, wonderful, perfect little weirdo on stage, you cannot take your eyes off her as she performs.

Just watch Aurora performing ‘Animal‘ live on Skavlan.

A performance that started with the 22-year-old artist singing in a light, sweet and ethereal voice about being “lost in a concrete jungle”, only to move quickly into a catchy, vibrant, chorus that had her bouncing around the stage, dancing on tiptoes and whirling around with utter abandon.

It all ended with her “killing for pleasure” and “becoming an animal”, complete with a prowl towards her prey.

Because what is gorgeous about Aurora, and this and every live performance she gives, is how free and unrestricted she always seems on stage.

Free to sing as she wants, dance in the way her body takes her and generally appear to be in her own world, while still showing off her gorgeously descriptive and illustrative songs to an always fascinated audience.

Watch Aurora perform ‘Animal‘ live on Skavlan in the video below and, if you are as interested in how this unique young woman thinks and feels as you are with her music, watch her interview with Skavlan in the video below that.

It is fascinating how unusual she is. In a way that would seem affected from someone else but, from her, just makes you feel as though everyone should be this free.

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