Aurora Pulls Apples Out of Her Bra and Eats Them — Well, She Is Quirky and Strange (Video)


Norwegian singer Aurora is my second favorite artist on the planet behind Conchita Wurst. And I love her, not just because she is a lovely singer and a superb songwriter, but also because she is so genuinely quirky, odd and strange.

And because everything she does is strikingly beautiful.

Strikingly beautiful even when Aurora is pulling apples out of her bra and eating them, as she did during a press session at VEVO Halloween at Bramley-Moore Dock in Liverpool last month.

Because, apparently, the apples were there to hold up her bustier, or at least it looks like they were. But she thought it would be fun to pull them brandishingly from out of her bra in front of the press, and eat them.

So, she did.

How could you not love someone like that? Watch her eating apples in the video below, along with the cute interview she also did.

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