Aurora Releases ‘I Went Too Far’ — Gorgeous, Deceptively Happy But Really Quite Dark

Aurora Norwegian

Listen to Aurora’s ‘I Went Too Far‘ — beautiful but also very dark

Norwegian singer Aurora released her latest single ‘I Went Too Far‘ this morning, a song that, at first listen, sounds like a bit of a departure from her usual music — at least when it comes to the music itself — as it’s quite bubbly and happy and with a lovely dance beat.

That being said, though, if you listen to the lyrics you will realize quickly it’s just as dark as the Aurora fare we love so much. Yay!

Aurora’s ‘I Went Too Far‘ is from her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend — 12 stunning tracks, and one of the best indie albums of 2016 so far.

As for the amazing Aurora herself, she is currently on an album promotional tour of much of Europe and North America, giving one spectacular live performance after another. And wowing fans, who are all over social media exclaiming about how incredible she is live.

Listen to her latest single ‘I Went Too Far’ in the video below. It is gorgeous.

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