Aurora Releases the Beautiful ‘Winter Bird’ Audio with Gorgeous Cover Art

aurora winter bird cover art

Norwegian singer Aurora has released an audio video for ‘Winter Bird‘, a track from her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend released this month and, as usual with everything Aurora produces, it’s receiving nothing but positive comments from fans across the Internet.

No surprise really though. ‘Winter Bird‘ is another beautifully ethereal track from Aurora that starts softly, quietly builds to a massive climax both instrumentally and vocally, and then slowly fades back into quiet and calm. Spine-chillingly.

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And is it just me or does it seem as though it is virtually impossible for Aurora to release a bad song? Because everything this 19-year-old has written or recorded has been stunningly beautiful so far.

Listen to the audio for Aurora’s ‘Winter Bird‘ in the video below. And do notice that gorgeous cover art that comes with it. So Aurora, so delightfully old-fashioned, mystical, touching and sweet.

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