Aurora Sings ‘Runaway’ and ‘Half The World Away’ at Nobel Peace Prize Concert (Video)

aurora half the world away nobel peace prize concert

The superb Norwegian singer Aurora performed live at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert on Friday night, where she sang her hit single ‘Runaway‘ and her newly-released cover of the Oasis track ‘Half The World Away‘. A song that was recently used very successfully in the new John Lewis Christmas commercial.

And, in typical Aurora fashion, she gave a performance that was magnetic, ethereal, lyrical, and accompanied by her now trademark quirky gestures and intensely emotional expressions.

aurora nobel peace prize concert 2015

And what always grabs me about Aurora every time I hear and watch her sing, is how she completely inhabits every song she sings. To the point where you get the feeling she has no idea that audience she is singing in front of even exists.

Even one as large, and as grand as the audience at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

Watch her singing ‘Half The World Away‘ in the video below, and thenĀ ‘Runaway‘ in the video below that to see what I mean. Gorgeous and almost angel-like, isn’t she?

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