Aurora Sings ‘Running With The Wolves’ on ‘Inas Nacht’ – Gorgeous (Video)

aurora running with the wolves inas nacht

One of my latest addictions when it comes to music artists is Norwegian singer Aurora. At only 19 years old, she has a way of singing that is so unique and so all-encompassing, you really cannot take your eyes of her when she performs.

So I was fascinated to see a performance Aurora gave on the German TV show ‘Inas Nacht‘ a few weeks ago. A performance of her hit single ‘Running With the Wolves that was given with her back to the audience (‘Inas Nacht’ has many of their guests do this, which is such a weird thing to me), and one in which she looks so incredibly lost in the emotion of the song as she’s singing, you wonder if she even realizes where she is.

And what is even more beautiful about this Aurora live performance is how, when the song ends and she emerges from that dream she seems to be in, there’s a split second where you see how naive and childlike she suddenly becomes.

It’s just a stunning performance, and one every Aurora fan should see.


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