Aurora’s ‘Running With the Wolves’ , Plaintive, Ethereal, Powerful, Gorgeous (Video)

aurora running with wolves

Aurora releases ‘Running With the Wolves’ and it’s gorgeous

Norwegian indie folk pop singer songwriter Aurora has just released her latest single ‘Running With the Wolves’, and it’s a perfect showcase for her gorgeous, lilting, ethereal voice.

Aurora, of course, is Aurora Aksnes, who hasn’t been around for very long, after all she’s only 18 years old. But she’s getting attention wherever she goes, as she has phenomenal talent, and one of the most amazingly unique voices.

Signed to three record labels,┬áPetroleum, Glassnote and Decca since last year, to me Aurora sounds like a mix between Oh Land, The Cranberries’┬áDolores O’Riordan and Lykke Li, as one minute her voice has a strong almost visceral folk sound to it, and the next disappears into the lightest, airiest, most delicate sigh.

All I can say is I’m expecting Aurora to achieve amazing things, as you don’t hear someone this talented and with this unusual of a voice very often. Mark my words. She’s going to be huge.

Listen to Aurora singing ‘Running With the Wolves‘ below, and you’ll soon see why.

As for ‘Running With the Wolves‘, it’s slightly more upbeat than some of her earlier releases, but still so beautiful. You can get it on her four-track EP of the same name on most major digital music platforms. And, yes, you really really should.

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