Aurora’s ‘The Seed’ Vevo performance a softer version of angry original, but just as powerful

Norwegian singer songwriter Aurora has given another stunning performance — this time at the Vevo studios with a live version of her latest single ‘The Seed‘.

Aurora’s ‘The Seed‘ Vevo performance is a softer version of the powerful, angry original. No less emotion-grabbing, however.

Especially when you see how the phenomenally talented 22-year-old singer is able to completely pull you in, while doing nothing but sitting on a white pillar in her socks, and singing with both her voice and her expressive hands.

Aurora’s ‘The Seed’ was written by the already iconic young Norwegian artist in response to the ongoing destruction of the environment and the earth.

As Aurora explains about the song,

 “I’m missing anger in the youth. Not the blind rage, pointed towards all and nothing. But the kind of rage that wakes you up in the morning, the kind of rage that Inspires you to do something with the power you have in you… It’s time for us to really fight for her. This is a cry for Mother Earth.”

The lyrics of the song are partially based on the sentiment of a Cree Indian proverb:

When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize we cannot eat money“.

Part of the melody of the song is also reminiscent of those gorgeous chants that pop up online now and again from Norway’s indigeneous tribe, the Sami. A people that seem to be so much closer to Mother Earth than many of the rest of us.

Watch Aurora’s ‘The Seed‘ Vevo performance below, and then compare it with the original music video for the track below that.

Particularly as it is interesting how, strong and angry or soft and sad, ‘The Seed’ is still a powerful and heartbreaking song.

Aurora’s ‘The Seed‘ is the first release from the Norwegian singer songwriter’s upcoming third album A Different Kind of Human (Part II) due to be released on June 7th.

You can keep up to date on more upcoming releases from the album on Aurora’s website.

And I have to say I love how ever more political this phenomenally talented woman becomes with every new release.

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