Austrian Indie Pop Rock Band Olympique are Pretty Freaking Fabulous (Video)

Olympique crystal palace tour

Austrian pop rock band Olympique have a gorgeous sound

I spent this morning adding some music channels to my YouTube favorites list for use in future articles. While doing so I happened upon the Sunday Sessions Berlin channel, and that’s where I discovered this band — a fabulous Austrian indie pop rock band called Olympique. A band I’ve never heard of before.

Olympique is apparently from Salzburg, Austria, they are a trio more than a band — Fabian Woschnagg Leo C. Scheichenost and Nino Ebner — and they are in the midst of their Crystal Palace Tour at the moment, with concerts in places like Kufstein, Vienna, Sittersdorf and Mank in Austria.

They also have a few dates coming up in Germany, including Reutlingen, Horb and Chemnitz. (Check their website for details on other gigs).

According to their Instagram and Facebook accounts, Olympique has been in existence since 2008/2009, and are currently promoting their debut album Crystal Palace.

Their Facebook account says about them “Olympique is a fresh young band from Salzburg, that is trying to offset the classical image of the city with their melodramatic independent pop rock. The band was founded in 2008 and had no idea that their powerful songs, epic instrumental structures as well as their energetic performances would leave the audience breathless.”

Personally, while I wouldn’t say they leave me breathless quite yet (sorry, guys, there’s only one person ever been able to do that to me, and that’s the lady with the beard), they certainly more than just grabbed my attention.

Olympique’s lead singer has a unique and, frankly, pretty amazing voice. One of those voices only the great rock singers have (think Bono, Chris Martin or Dave Matthews). As for their music, it’s both soul-grabbing, heartbreaking and so ridiculously pretty.

Watch Austria’s Olympique at Sunday Sessions Berlin in the video below. They sing three songs — ‘Lullaby’, ‘Caught in a Gap’ and ‘No Estate To Remember’ — and it’s one of those performances that will stick with you for a long time. It’s that beautiful.

Oh and you can buy Olympique’s album Crystal Palace on iTunes.


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