Autumn in June’s ‘Pretty Wicked’ is Mellow, Sweet and Sexy

autumn in june pretty wicked

Have to say I’m loving Autumn in June’s ‘Pretty Wicked‘, a sexy new track that arrived on Soundcloud just 11 days ago and is already in the number 3 spot on the site’s New & Hot Indie songs chart.

No surprise really, though, as ‘Pretty Wicked‘ is a lovely song, all mellow, synthy, pop-y and electronic as it is. One of those songs you like to listen to late at night when you’re lying in bed too wired to sleep, and thinking about that person you want to be with rather than anyone else in the world.

Because that’s the story behind this song — keeping up with those girls whose lives move a bit too fast for you, but you follow them anyway just because they are so very very fine.

Listen to the track in the Soundcloud doo-hicky and pray for an EP out soon, as this South Central LA singer songwriter’s sound is so very very sweet.

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