Axel Hirsoux’ ‘Haut L’humain’ is a Beautiful Ballad and in French (Video)

axel hirsoux

Axel Hirsoux, Belgium’s Eurovision 2014 representative, has an official video out for his new single and, wow, is it a beautiful ballad.

Called ‘Haut L’humain‘, Hirsoux’s song is in French this time rather than in the English of his Eurovision song ‘Mother‘, and, for me, that makes all the difference.

Axel, by the way, really does have a gorgeous voice, and he shows it off beautifully on ‘Haut L’humain‘. He just had entirely the wrong choice of song for Eurovision 2014, so it was not a surprise (to me, at least) when he didn’t qualify for the final.

Watch Axel Hirsoux’s official video for ‘Haut L’humain‘ below. Isn’t that pretty?


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