Badland Hunters #1 Non-English Film on Netflix only 3 days after premiere

Ma Dong Seok proves his talent yet again with his Badland Hunters performance

Anyone who has watched the new Korean drama Badland Hunters on Netflix will not be surprised to learn it is already the #1 Non-English Film on the streaming platform.

An occurrence that is a spectacular feat considering Badland Hunters was only available to stream for three days of the period during which the data was calculated.

Of course, if you watch the Badland Hunters trailer (see below), you will understand why the film is already a smash hit on the streaming platform for the period January 22nd to January 28th, 2024 alone.

If not let me tell you.

Badland Hunters features main character the rough and ready Nam San, masterfully played by superstar Korean actor Ma Dong Seok, and a man (and an actor) who is about as kickass as it is possible to get.

So kickass it seems he isn’t putting up with rogue scientist/mad doctor Dr. Yang Gi Su or his weird goings-on for five minutes. Not when it puts the people in his community in danger.

Nor does he shy away from recruiting other “hunters” to help him take the man and his supporters out.

Yes, Ma Dong Seok and his character Nam San are two reasons of many why Badland Hunters is now #1 on the Netflix Top 10 Non-English Films chart — outranking other films like 60 Seconds (at #2), and Society of the Snow at #3.

The rest of the stellar cast did their part admirably to catapult the film to this level of popularity as well.

Badland Hunters has been viewed on Netflix a huge number of times

The data according to Netflix shows Badland Hunters was so popular upon release it was viewed more than 14.3 million times during the three days it was available to stream.

The Korean film was also watched for over 26 million hours worldwide during that time.

From January 26th when the film was released to January 28th when the data for the week’s period was calculated, Badland Hunters was also in the Top 10 in 82 countries on five continents.

With that data in mind, remember, the next Top 10 Non-English Films chart will be released on Tuesday, February 6th.

With Badland Hunters available to stream for the full 7-day period at that time, it will be interesting to see what the Korean action film’s new view numbers and hours viewed look like then.

And if Netflix subscribers are still as enamored of Ma Dong Seok as millions of us have now become.

You can watch Badland Hunters starring Ma Dong Seok, Lee Hee Joon, Lee Jun Young, and Roh Jeong Eui on Netflix now.

The film is 1 hour and 48 minutes long, so is not a big time suck but it is fast-paced, fun and delightfully and suspensfully entertaining.


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