Banks’ ‘Contaminated’ one mic one take version is utterly gorgeous and sad — watch

American singer songwriter Banks has released a music video of a ‘Contaminated‘ one mic one take version that is utterly gorgeous, but also incredibly sad.

The artsy black and white video was shot as a live and stripped down version of the song, and was directed by Possum Hill and produced by Daylan Williams.

Banks’ ‘Contaminated’ is the third single from the singer’s third studio album III.

The song was originally released on the Harvest Records label in July, 2019, and weirdly only charted in New Zealand where it landed on the #30 spot.

I say weirdly, as ‘Contaminated‘ is one of the most perfect songs Banks has recorded.

Perfect in vocals, lyrics and music, and with a richness and depth of emotion you do not often see in most artists today.

The song itself is about being in a toxic relationship. A relationship she and her lover are addicted to, while also knowing it is damaging for both of them and they need to let go. Especially as her lover already has a wife.

Meanwhile, they are ‘contaminated’ by their feelings for each other.

And we’re always gonna be contaminated
And oh, I know what we need
You start letting me go
Our love is tainted
And I wish I could change it

Banks’ album III, however, did perform better in the charts.

Sadly, not hitting high spots except in Canada and the U.S., but still making a distinguished showing on the charts in nine other countries, including the United Kingdom.

The album was also rated highly by media outlets like Rolling Stone, The Observer, All Music and NME.

Watch Banks’ ‘Contaminated‘ one mic one take version in her official video below, sit back and just revel in the sheer artistry of this talented singer.

You can also hear the original recorded version on her album III in the Spotify player below that.

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