Barbra Streisand Still Struggles with Self-Esteem and She Shouldn’t (Video)

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A new Barbra Streisand interview aired on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday, and it is a particularly fascinating one for a couple of reasons.

First that, even though Streisand is now 74 years old, and says her mother telling her she was ‘odd looking and would never make it as a movie star’ was good, in a way, because it gave her ‘something to fight for’, you can also tell how damaging it was for her self-esteem.

Because, even now, she is still worried about her looks (Streisand is usually photographed only on one side of her face because the other side isn’t as beautiful — according to her, at least), and still doesn’t think she’s as attractive as most of the rest of us do.

And because you can see that, even though she says she doesn’t live in the past, to some extent she does as past hurts (that incredibly mean Mike Wallace interview she was rightfully devastated over back in 1991, for instance) still affect her.

Watch Barbra Streisand on CBS Sunday Morning in the video below. It is a nice interview, and she is as beautiful and as fascinating as ever. And, one of those people, you wish didn’t still struggle with self-esteem issue — because she really really shouldn’t.

Oh and do notice how incredibly nervous Jamie Foxx is around her. He may have sung ‘Climb Every Mountain‘ with Streisand for her album, but he can barely look at her when she hugs him he is so intimidated. Lovely that.

As for Streisand’s music, she has a new album of Broadway songs out — duets with a variety of famous people — that really is wonderful.

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