Bastille’s ‘Fake It’ Has a Strong Melody, Cool Beat and Dan Smith’s Voice is Gorgeous — Repeat Rotation Video

bastille fake up screenshot

British indie pop band Bastille‘s ‘Fake It‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today. Released just a couple of days ago, the song is from Wild World, their second studio album and is the third single from the album.

And I love this video because it is such a perfect depiction of the U.S. election right now — a sleazy politician a la Donald Trump trying to ‘fake it’ by making the public think he is something he definitely isn’t when, in private, he is nothing but a big spoiled child.

As for the song ‘Fake It’, it is a fabulous track as it has a ridiculously strong melody, a great beat and frontsman Dan Smith’s voice is just gorgeous on it.

Watch it below. And, as I often say with my Repeat Rotation Videos, be sure to listen to it wearing head phones and as loud as you can, as Smith’s voice will hit your soul.