Bastille’s ‘Send Them Off!’ Is Influenced by Othello and It’s Cool (Video)

bastille send them off

British alternative band Bastille‘s ‘Send Them Off!‘ was released this week. It’s the second single from their upcoming new album Wild World (‘Good Griefbeing the first), due to be released on September 9th. And it is a fascinating song, as it has a fabulous saxophone-led melody and some very cool hip hop influenced beats.

As for the lyrics, Bastille seems to have become heavily influenced by Shakespeare, the bard himself. And in particular Othello.

Desdemona, won’t you liberate me?/When I’m haunted by your ancient history,” sings lead singer Dan Smith.

Because remember the tragic Desdemona? The one who eloped with Othello, because her father wouldn’t give his permission for the marriage, only to be killed at the hands of her husband after he mistakenly believes her to be an adulteress?

Then again, Smith did tweet about the song a while ago saying “It is Othello meets the Exorcist“, which makes it sound as though this track had some pretty dark thoughts directed at it by Smith.

Listen to Bastille’s ‘Send Them Off!” in the video below and, of course, pre-order the album now.

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