Bastille’s ‘The Currents’ Vevo Presents Performance is Rocking (Video)


A couple of days ago, I wrote about Bastille’s live Vevo Presents performance of ‘Send Them Off, a performance that in some respects was even better than the recorded version of the song.

Today, I’m back with Bastille’s live performance of ‘The Currents‘. Also from their Vevo Presents appearance, it’s the second track from their new album Wild World, released late last week and, yep, the boys rocked it as well.

And what is even more fabulous about ‘The Currents‘ is the story behind it.

Because the Bastille boys wrote the song to complain about populist politicians. People like Britain’s Nigel Farage and America’s Donald Trump. People who shouldn’t be anywhere near a national stage, or spewing the nastiness that they do.

As Bastille’s lead vocalist Dan Smith explained about ‘The Currents‘ lyrics, “It’s about hearing people using the platform they have to say something you find abhorrent, and just wanting to escape. The song uses the imagery of wanting to come up for air to get away from it.”

Watch Bastille’s Vevo Presents performance of ‘The Currents‘ in the video below to see just how awesome these guys are live. And, of course, I have to say I agree with them.


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