Battle for Happiness Ep 11 ratings FALL with just 5 episodes left

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Battle for Happiness, Episode 11 audience share falls but still solid numbers

The South Korean drama Battle for Happiness, Episode 11 ratings fell last night after airing on ENA in Korea.

According to Nielsen Korea, the drama fell from its previous 2.25 percent of audience share, which was its highest rating yet, back down to 1.944 percent.

That rating, though, is still consistent with the drama’s audience share over its last five episodes, and much higher than the 0.70 percent Battle for Happiness earned for its first episode.

In Seoul, Battle for Happiness, Episode 11 saw a slight drop as well, although with its 2.43 percent audience rating, it still earned a very solid rating.

Battle for Happiness and international viewers

Battle for Happiness has not been particularly highly rated by international viewers since its first episode aired on May 31st.

On My Drama List, however, although the rating for the suspense thriller is still a quite low 7.9 out of 10, those leaving comments about the drama are still commenting positively about it.

Their comments range from:

This drama is so good, I dont know why this site’s rating is so low.


This show is way too underrated. Totally deserves recognition !!!

to positive comments about specific actress’s performances, and with the only negative comments in the last couple of weeks about the actions of some of the characters, and not about the actors, story or the director.

In other words, ignore the low-ish rating if you haven’t started watching Battle for Happiness yet, and give it a try.

To me, especially with its exceptionally good cast, the drama is well worth a watch.

The next episode of Battle for Happiness will air on ENA tonight at 21:00 (KST).

Outside South Korea, the drama is airing on Amazon Prime Video in very select regions.


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