Behind Your Touch Ep 15 has BIG ratings drop but for 2 GOOD REASONS

Behind Your Touch, Episode 15 saw more than 3.0 percent ratings fall

When fans see the ratings for last night’s episode of Behind Your Touch, they will likely be disappointed that this truly excellent drama saw such a big audience drop.

After all, Behind Your Touch, Episode 15 saw a rating of 6.41 percent last night nationwide, which is markedly down from its previous episode’s 9.61 percent — more than 3.0 percent in fact.

In Seoul, the drama fared the same with a 7.05 percent, which is down from Episode 14’s rating of 10.41 percent.

Both are unusual drops considering many dramas see a ratings increase for their last two episodes, and not a substantial ratings fall.

But, before you worry Behind Your Touch has lost its audience, be aware even its substantially lower ratings put it in first place on cable TV for the day.

Besides, there are two very good reasons why Behind Your Touch, Episode 15 saw such a big hit in the ratings, and neither of them are the drama’s fault.

Why did Behind Your Touch, Episode 15 ratings fall so much?

Yesterday was the last day of the three-day Chuseok holiday (Korean Thanksgiving) in South Korea, which is why most dramas airing yesterday saw a big drop in their audience as many people spent time with family.

Add in that the ongoing 2023 Asian Games are also being aired on several South Korean networks and, with their huge popularity all over Asia, the Games are syphoning off viewers from various dramas including Behind Your Touch.

In other words, the drop in ratings has little to do with the actual drama, and more to do with extraneous events.

Behind Your Touch stars Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and Suho.

The series final will air tonight on JTBC at its usual time of at 22:30 (KST), with Netflix airing Episode 16 around the same time.

Check out JTBC Drama’s preview of tonight’s episode below.


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