Behind Your Touch Ep 4 earns HIGHEST rating yet as drama gets CRAZIER

Photo courtesy JTBC

I was hooked on the new Korean comedy drama Behind Your Touch just a few minutes in, as it really is one of the crazier (and funnier) dramas I have seen in a while.

No wonder then the Korean audience seems to agree as last night’s Behind Your Touch, Episode 4 saw a substantial rise in its ratings compared to the drama’s previous episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, Behind Your Touch, Episode 4 grabbed 7.0 percent of the audience nationwide, which is an increase of almost 1.5 percent over the Episode 3 rating of 5.52 percent.

No surprise for anyone watching the comedy drama, of course, as Behind Your Touch just gets crazier as each new episode airs.

In Seoul, the rating for Episode 4 also increased markedly from the previous episode’s 5.67 percent to last night’s 7.31 percent suggesting Seoul audiences are enjoying the JTBC drama even more than those nationwide.

You either love Behind Your Touch or you hate it

Interestingly, the plot of Behind Your Touch seems to be very polarizing.

Some international viewers via My Drama List are commenting how much they hate the butt-touching plot, while others think it is one of the funniest plots they have seen coming out of South Korea in quite a while.

The latter are also commenting on how well-acted the drama has been by all of its main leads.

Due to this, the drama is only rated a 7.9 out of 10, although with quite a substantial number of My Drama List users being conservative (and quite narrow-minded), it probably is not too surprising the drama is currently rated that low.

Behind Your Touch stars Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and Suho, and airs every  Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 in South Korea.

International viewers can watch the comedy drama via Netflix.


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