Best Music Playlist For Speedwalking and Running — Aurora, Of Monsters and Men, Iggy and More

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So, I’m back on an intense exercise program because, after 14 years living in Bangkok, Thailand, and not being able to exercise outside in the extreme heat and humidity as much I would have liked, I’m back in the U.S. for a few months. And I’ve become an exercising fiend.

Along with my usual speed-walking 3-5 miles a day, however, there has to be a good music playlist. If not, I get bored quickly and I stop exercising.

That’s why, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve put together the best playlist for speed-walking or running that I think I’ve had in a while, with songs that get me pumped up and really in the mood to…well, move.

All songs on the list are nothing more than my personal preference, obviously, but they are all tracks that are fabulous for a warm-up, intense speed-walking or running session, and then a short cool down. Songs that get me excited to work out, and keep me working out even when I feel like I can barely move another step.

They include tracks from Nowegian singer Aurora, Icelandic folk rock band Of Monsters and Men, alternative rock band PVRIS and, of course, Conchita Wurst.

My usual speed-walking workout is anything from 30 minutes to an hour a day, depending on how far I decide to go, so the playlist runs for just short of an hour. You can shorten it or add to it, depending on how long you speed-walk or run.

The first link on each song is to the YouTube video, so you can listen to the track to see if it works for you. Most tracks are also available to buy on all major music sites.

You can also download the MP3 files from their YouTube videos, if they are specific live versions I’m speed-walking to.

So here goes.

The Best Playlist for Speedwalking and Running

And let me just tell you, after I’ve worked out to this amazing music playlist, I feel fabulous and ready to take on the world.


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