Best of Conchita Wurst at Feast Festival in Adelaide, Australia

conchita in adelaide burgundy pantsuit
One of the first outfits Conchita wore in Adelaide, this burgundy jumpsuit is by Munich design house HolyGhost, and is one of my favorites of her entire trip — simple lines, casual but elegant, it suits her perfectly. And a gorgeous color. Photo copyright — Conchita’s stylist, Thomas Reinberger – Instagram

Austrian singer Conchita Wurst has been Down Under in Adelaide, Australia for almost a week by now, in the lead up to Feast Festival last night and, during that time she’s appeared on a ton of radio and TV shows and spent a lot of time seeing some of the cool things Adelaide has to offer. In fact, in the last few days, she’s had so many different things going on, it’s been hard to keep up.

There are, however, a few things I want to draw your attention to from this latest Australia trip. Things I think are cute, funny or just plain lovely about how Conchita is making the Australians fall in love with her, just like she does everybody else.

conchita koala safari look
Dress by Nicholas K. Photo copyright Thomas Reinberger, Instagram.

Dresses and koalas


This is the dress Conchita wore when she went to cuddle a koala at the Cleland Conservation Park in Adelaide (see photo above), and I think it’s one of the most stylish dresses she’s worn. It’s elegant but funky, moved beautifully when she walked, is the perfect color against her dark eyes and hair and, let’s face it, is fabulous with her legs. Then she paired it with the cutest short black boots and, yep, perfection personified.

As for the koala cuddling, you can see some of that in the video below, along with how pretty the dress looks. And, yes, koalas are kind of heavy. An average adult male koala like Steven below, probably weighs between eight to nine kilograms, or between 17.5 and almost 20 lbs. As one fan said in a comment to her, it’s a good thing Conchita has those Madonna arms.

You can also see a few lovely photos of Conchita at the Cleland Conservation Park on her Facebook page, as well as this gorgeous one with Steven the koala on her Instagram.

Official Feast Festival opening

On Saturday night, Conchita officially opened Feast Festival as the LGBTIQ culture festival’s international ambassador. And that night it was all about legs. Conchita’s legs, to be more precise, in a stunning white Mario Dice blazer dress.

With its sleek cut and simplicity of design, the dress is beautiful, but it’s still hard to take your eyes off those incredible legs. Which is why, to look at it properly, check out another Thomas Reinberger photo of Conchita wearing the dress on his Instagram page.

conchita legs adelaide feast festival
Official opening of Feast Festival — photo Thomas Reinberger, Instagram.

The Art of Drag: A Night With Conchita

Conchita’s show at Feast Festival took place last night. Called ‘The Art of Drag: A Night With Conchita’, it featured Conchita along with as many drag queens as would fit on the stage in an attempt to break a world record (I still have no idea if they managed it?).

And while videos are currently a bit scant of Conchita’s performance itself, a couple have popped up of an on-stage interview session she had with an Australian drag queen. But one in particular made me laugh because of an answer she gave about Jetzt Anders!, the boy band her alter ego Tom Neuwirth used to be a member of.

Because, when Conchita is in ‘her community’, she often seems to be a bit more relaxed and honest than she might sometimes be elsewhere (although she’s opening up more and more lately, and showing us even more of her true personality, which I just love). And in this one, she’s definitely honest about the boys of Jetzt Anders! Watch the video below to see why. She’s fabulous.

As for her dress during ‘The Art of Drag: A Night With Conchita’, it was another design by Mario Dice but, this time, instead of being high cut and exposing her long legs, this black gown was form-fitting and covered her from head to foot. It was sleek, chic and incredibly sexy, and gave her a distinct exotic air. Yes, another winner.

And I have to say, although I’m always impressed with the clothes Conchita’s stylist Thomas Reinberger chooses, he has outdone himself with her Adelaide trip. (Well, he and Conchita, as they work closely together to decide which clothes she will wear).

Each outfit has been perfect for every occasion, as well as chic, ultra-stylish and made her look absolutely gorgeous. Specifically interesting to me as everything she wore had sleek lines, and was mainly in black or white.

You can see the dress from last night’s Feast Festival in the video below, as well as watch Conchita performing ‘Rise Like A Phoenix‘ for the first time ever at a live concert in Australia.

Yes, I think it’s safe to say, Conchita Wurst has had yet another extremely successful trip to Australia (here’s how well she did on her first trip), and made another host of Aussies fall in love with her. Well, honestly, it’s not that hard to do.

Michelle Topham