Beth Hart’s ‘My California’ From ‘Californication’ Says What I Think About This Awesome State – Repeat Rotation Video

my california beth hart californication
scene from Season 6 of ‘Californication’ starring David Duchovny

Almost a week after my last post about music from Californication (John Taylor’s ‘Pull You Through’), I’ve almost finished my binge watch of every season of this incredible show. And today, my head is stuck on another song from a Californication episode — (Californication Season 6, Episode 12 — ‘I’ll Lay My Monsters Down‘). This time it’s Beth Hart’s ‘My California‘ that’s my Repeat Rotation Video.

And Beth Hart’s ‘My California‘ is going around and around in my headphones because it says exactly what I think about California. Because I lived in Los Angeles, California for five years and as much as I’m not a fan of the United States particularly, I love California like no other place.

I remember driving my red Jeep Cherokee as fast as I could safely go along Pacific Coast Highway on my way up to Malibu. Rollerblading on the beach in Santa Monica at 6am as the sun came up and with nobody else around. Sitting outside a Montana Avenue coffee shop with friends, talking about nothing really, but having the happiest time.

Because there’s something about California. Something in the sunlight, in the air, in the feel of the place, in the people, in the big dreams, and the possibilities, the endless possibilities, that makes it like no other place I’d ever been before or since. It’s a magical place.

Because, in California, people really do believe you can do and be and achieve anything you want, and so not surprisingly many people do and are and have.

Calling California,
Is there anybody home.
Hello California,
Would you please pick up the phone.

I wanna say I love you,
but I’m a milion miles away.
I am thinking of you,
I miss you and LA.

Now listen to Beth Hart’s ‘My California‘ from Californication. It’s from her hit album of the same name, and was written by Danish songwriter Rune Westberg — a man who has also written a fair number of other pretty iconic songs for Beth Hart. And it’s beautiful.


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