Billie Marten Makes It Onto BBC’s ‘The Sound of 2016’ List (Video)

billie marten as long as

The BBC released its ‘The Sound of 2016‘ list today, and while I am impressed with just about every artist on it, I am particularly impressed with two people. Dua Lipa and Yorkshire girl Billie Marten. An indie folk singer who, at the young age of only 16, has already released two EPs and had her music played on BBC Radio 1.

Now Billie Marten has made it onto the BBC’s ‘The Sound of 2016‘ list, we’re likely to see her doing an awful lot more. And, when you watch the high caliber of what she is already putting out, you can only guess how incredible her next project will be.

Her songs are mystical and lyrical, her voice is beautifully and hauntingly ethereal, she is stunning, and that she writes all her own songs tells a lot about her emotional intensity too, I’d wager.

Then when you pay attention to the lyrics she writes, you realize right away Billie Marten is a heckuva lot more mature and grounded than most 16 year olds as well.

Now watch Billie Marten’s videos for ‘Bird‘, and her live performance of ‘As Long As’ below. They are both from her latest EP, As Long As, which she released in November, 2015.

Marten has also been talking about creating her debut album in 2016. I’m guessing, now she’s made it to the BBC’s The Sound of 2016 list, that is likely to be a given.

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