Bird Thongchai’s ‘Blossom In My Heart’ from Kol Kimono OST a Beautiful Song (Video)

bird thongchai kol kimono


I’ve lived in Thailand for more than a decade, and so I’m a fan of a wide variety of Thai singers. Just about the biggest singer in Thailand’s modern history is a man called Bird Thongchai, who has been huge in Thailand for decades, with a reported 20 million albums sold. And, yes, Bird has a beautiful voice.

Bird Thongchai currently has a new single out called ‘Blossom in My Heart‘. It’s from the Thai soap opera Kol Kimono, a 24-part soap opera Bird stars in with another of Thailand’s biggest stars actress Chompoo Araya, and it’s a very pretty song.

Blossom In My Heart‘ even has both Japanese and English subtitles, so if you don’t speak Thai, at least you can understand the lyrics.

Listen to Bird Thongchai singing ‘Blossom In My Heart‘ below. Isn’t that just a lovely song?

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