Birdy’s ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ is a More Upbeat Pop Song Than We’re Used To (Video)

birdy keeping your head up

Birdy’s ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ is far more upbeat and soul influenced than we’re used to

British singer Birdy‘s third studio album is due to be released on March 25th. Called Beautiful Lies, the album has spawned two singles currently — ‘Keeping Your Head Up‘ and ‘Wild Horses‘. And, as was the case on her second album, every track on the album was written by Jasmine┬áVan den Bogaerde (aka Birdy).

With just three tracks released from Beautiful Lies so far, however, it is definitely looking as though this album has more upbeat pop and soul elements to it than Fire Within, Birdy’s last offering. And that is something I’m lamenting a little bit, as I loved the more ethereal, slower songs on Birdy’s second album.

This is particularly the case with Birdy’s ‘Keeping Your Head Up‘, which is definitely more of a typical British-style energetic pop song than the tracks she has done before.

But, like just about any artist, Birdy’s music will change with every new album she releases. As it should. So we shouldn’t get too stuck in the past. Which is why I’ll lament and then…move on.

Watch Birdy’s official video for ‘Keeping Your Head Up‘ below. While not exactly her usual, it is nice.

You can also pre-order Beautiful Lies as there is less than a week before release.


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