Bishop Briggs’ live version of ‘Champion’ is rocking, powerful and with stunning vocals

American singer songwriter Bishop Briggs released her latest single ‘Champion‘ in mid-July, along with a music video to accompany it. Today, she is back with a live version of ‘Champion‘ that is rocking, powerful and pretty damned killer.

Bishop Briggs’ live version of ‘Champion’ was filmed for VEVO in New York, in a small grey room, with just a guitarist and two backing singers. It starts off with just Briggs and the acoustic guitar, with her backing singers joining in right before the first chorus.

What is beautiful about this live version of ‘Champion‘, though, is not just the song — which is badass, if you want to listen to something that is going to boost your self-esteem.

It is also just how good Bishop Briggs’ vocals. Rich, clear, strong, sexy and powerful.

Proving yet again just how legitimately superb Bishop Briggs’ vocal ability is, and how she is one of those rare singers that can grab you live just as fast as she can grab you on album, because her voice really is that good.

Bishop wrote ‘Champion’ as a commentary on how important it is to have self-worth.

“Writing this song helped me look at the question: what if I could just be myself? What if there was a world where my vulnerability was what made me powerful? What if there was a day I could proudly, without hesitation, look in the mirror and say, ‘I am a champion,’ purely because I’m choosing to be myself? ‘Champion’ is about accepting yourself today, as you are.”

Champion‘ is a stand-alone single (at the moment, at least) from the 27-year-old singer, which made it to the 28th spot on the U.S. Alternative Songs chart and number 33 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Rock Songs chart upon release.

The song is also part of her ‘Champion Headline Tour‘, which will run through October, November and December in both North America and Europe. Check concert dates out in the graphic above, and get more info on Briggs’ website.

You can watch and listen to Bishop Brigg’s live version of ‘Champion‘. It is a simply-performed and recorded music video, but incredibly powerful, and she just rocks that song.

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