Bishop Briggs’ ‘Someone Else’ quieter and more anguished than other ‘Champion’ singles

Bishop Briggs‘ new single ‘Someone Else‘ is a somewhat different type of song than most of the tracks the British singer songwriter has been releasing late last year and all of 2019.

Hitting the airwaves today, Briggs’ ‘Someone Else‘ is a simpler, quieter, more sparse composition than what we have been getting from the dynamic singer in the last year.

Especially as there is just a piano and a choir accompanying her during this outing.

Three of the four other singles she has already released in the last year — ‘Baby’, ‘Champion’ and ‘Jekyll and Hyde‘ — had a strong, pounding beat as the first notes broke, and then catapulted into huge choruses.

Bishop Briggs’ ‘Someone Else‘ does not.

It does, however, have similarities to ‘Tattoed on My Heart‘, with its similarly piano-driven melody and more anguished emotions.

Someone Else‘ is a song written about a relationship that is falling apart and, while the person in the relationship with her is trying to make up, Briggs is just feeling a need to escape and be alone.

The emotion comes into play as she arrives at the chorus, and the anger emerges as she almost shouts as she sings:

“All I want to do is be alone, write a song by myself, All I want to do is be alone, lose my phone, be someone else”.

Bishop Briggs’ ‘Someone Else’ is the fifth single from her upcoming second studio album Champion. Listen below in the video and the Spotify widget below.

Her sophomore album is due for release on November 8th via Island Records. It’s going to be another powerful one.

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