Black Mountain’s ‘Set Us Free’ Featured on True Detective Season 2 – TV and Movie Music (Video)

Black_Mountain_(album) (1)

Black Mountain’s ‘Set Us Free‘ was featured on True Detective on Sunday night (Season 2, Episode 3 – “Maybe Tomorrow“), a season and an episode that is getting pretty poor reviews from critics so far but an episode, at least, that did at least feature awesome music.

As for Black Mountain, they’re a Canadian rock band that was founded in 2004. And what is incredibly cool about them is, not only do they play great music, the members of Black Mountain spend a lot of time volunteering with Vancouver charities that help drug addicts, the poor and the mentally ill. Now that’s a wonderful example of a band that gives back.

Black Mountain’s ‘Set Us Free‘ is from their 2005 self-titled debut album. The band just released a 10th year anniversary edition of the album, with a bonus LP of demos and B-sides and updated album art.

They’ve even released a limited number of vinyl copies for the vinylheads among us. Find out more about how to get it and what you get on their record labelĀ Jagjaguwar’s website.

Meanwhile, you can listen to Black Mountain’s ‘Set Us Free‘ in the video below. Such a perfect song for the grittiness of True Detective, isn’t it?


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