Blur’s ‘Lonesome Street’ Video Released Includes Awesome Chinese Dancers

blur lonesome street


Blur have just released the ‘Lonesome Street‘ video — the latest single from Blur’s new album The Magic Whip. The video features the Chinese dancers Phoenix Fly Line Dancing Group of San Francisco, which makes this video a special kind of awesome.

Blur, of course, have been around for decades — since 1988, to be exact. They’ve put out seven studio albums in the past, but The Magic Whip is the first they will be releasing since 2003. So, yep, it’s been a long wait.

But, with music like ‘Lonesome Street’ and the previously released ‘There Are Too Many of Us’, it’s certainly been worth the wait.

Watch Blur’s ‘Lonesome Street‘ below and don’t miss ‘There are Too Many of Us‘ either. It’s just as good.

And pre-order The Magic Whip on iTunes. It will be out on April 28th.

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