Blur’s New Single ‘Too Many of Us’: Gloomy, Somber and Cool (Video)

blur too many of us
While the British band Blur may have seven albums, they haven’t released a new one in 12 years. That’s about to change, though, with the upcoming release of their eighth and latest album The Magic Whip to be released on April 27th. An event they promoted yesterday with the release of another track from the album — ‘There Are Too Many of Us‘ — a gloomy song about overpopulation.

The video for ‘Too Many of Us‘ is definitely basic and quite somber — just Blur playing in what looks very much like a tiny practice space, and decorated with changing borders of apartment blocks, plastic soldiers and slot machine symbols.

But ‘Too Many of Us‘ is new Blur music and it is good new Blur music. So, no complaints from me about their crappy video. Honestly. In this case, I quite like crappy.

You can pre-order The Magic Whip at iTunes, and you’ll get ‘Too Many of Us‘ plus their first release from the album ‘Go Out’. A song that looks like it could be a hit seeing it already has over a million views on YouTube. 

Now watch Blur’s ‘Too Many of Us‘ below. Thoughts?


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