Bo Ra Deborah Episode 5 earns highest ratings for True to Love rom com so far

Bo Ra Deborah, Ep 5 ratings bode well for the Yoo In Na-led rom com

Bo Ra! Deborah, Episode 5, (aka True to Love) audience increased quite substantially last night in South Korea, with the latest episode of the rom com drama showing a rating of over 1 percent for the first time.

According to Nielsen Korea, that nationwide rating increased from the previous episode’s just 0.84 percent of the audience to Bo Ra! Deborah’s, Episode 5 1.18 percent.

In Seoul, the ENA drama grabbed an even higher share of the audience at 1.58 percent.

With the Yoo In Na-led rom com starting to increase its audience share this far in then, that only bodes well for future episodes of the to-be-14-episode drama.

How is Bo Ra! Deborah doing internationally?

International fans of Bo Ra! Deborah (called True to Love on international platforms) still seem to be enjoying the ENA rom com as well.

Partiularly as a much smaller percentage of people have dropped the rom com than is usually expected at this stage.

The drama is also still scoring a high 8.2 out of 10 on My Anime List, even after Bo Ra! Deborah, Episode 5 aired last night.

(Again, that is a high score for users of that drama-focused platform)

Recent comments about Bo Ra! Deborah on the platform currently range from:

I’m regretting 😣
Why did I start watching it? I should have waited for it to be completed. I can’t wait for the next episode TT. It’s just I can’t wait, I’m just loving this drama so much


Everyone is saying for a dating coach why is she acting so pathetic. But it’s precisely because she is a dating coach that she is taking it hard. Her whole identity, life and career is entwined with having a successful relationship.

So suddenly finding out her “perfect” relationship wasn’t that perfect in the first place has to be devastating. She is not only mourning the loss of the relationship but also her identity and career. It’s like a doctor who has made their entire personality about being an amazing doctor finding out he is actually terrible at his job (just an analogy).

But I think the synopsis is clickbait lol. They should have told us the drama was about her process of healing (we are almost half way through and she is still crying 😭like when is enough going to be enough) instead of disguising. Yoo in na is doing a great job though. Give her all the awards!!!

While there are also a minority of negative comments, most of them are just criticizing specific plot points or scenes, and not the drama itself.

The next episode of Bo Ra! Deborah airs later on tonight on ENA in South Korea, and on Amazon Prime Video soon after.

Let’s hope it is able to maintain the higher ratings of Bo Ra! Deborah, Episode 5 as, honestly, I am also watching this one and I think Yoo In Na is kicking ass with her performance so far.

By the way if, like me, you are a Yoo In Na fan, you may want to watch her 2019 rom com Touch Your Heart if you haven’t already. Her performance is equally lovely, and that drama is equally superb.

Viki is currently streaming that one.


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