Boyce Avenue plays ‘Stranger Things’ theme the acoustic version complete with Joyce’s sofa and fairy lights

Listen to Boyce Avenue play the ‘Stranger Things‘ theme — the acoustic version

I am probably one of the few people on the planet that did not enjoy the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things‘, even though I watched the first season from beginning to end.

That being said, I did like the ‘Stranger Things‘ theme music.

So, it was interesting to me to see this video pop up in my YouTube feed a few minutes ago. Boyce Avenue playing the ‘Stranger Things‘ theme music — the acoustic version — complete with Joyce’s sofa and fairy lights.

Boyce Avenue, of course, are the Manzano brothers, and they are an absolute YouTube phenomena.

The three brothers started their YouTube channel in 2004 uploading cover songs, and have kept doing pretty much that since.

Nowadays, however, they have 10 million subscribers, 3.6 billion views on their videos and they sell out massive stadiums all over the world every time they go on tour.

Boyce Avenue is also currently in the middle of a world tour, with their next concert date on October 25th in Antwerp, Belgium.  You can check out upcoming concert dates on their website.

And, of course, watch Boyce Avenue play the ‘Stranger Things‘ theme music in their video below.

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