Boyce Avenue’s Cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ is So Beautiful — Repeat Rotation Video


For my Repeat Rotation Video today, I have been listening to Boyce Avenue‘s cover of the classic song ‘Dream On‘. A song that is probably already embedded in your head anyway but one that, with the tragic twist Boyce Avenue gives it, is even lovelier than the original.

And, honestly, even though Boyce Avenue’s ‘Dream On‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today, it really is hard to stop at listening to just one song from these guys, as everything they release is just gorgeous.

Because lead singer Alejandro Manzano’s voice is spectacular, and that fabulous Spanish-style guitar they add to almost everything they release is so beautiful.

Watch Boyce Avenue’s ‘Dream On‘ to see what I mean. Because, hell, that climactic ending is stunning.

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