Brad Paisley’s ‘Today’ Video Shows How A Happy Day Stays With You — Repeat Rotation Video


Brad Paisley’s ‘Today‘ shows how a happy day stays with you

Brad Paisley’s official video for his latest single ‘Today‘ came out a couple of weeks ago, and it’s an uplifting one. So much so, it kind of proves a happy day can last you a very very long time. If not stay with you, and help sustain you through the hard times that will inevitably follow.

It’s also why Brad Paisley’s ‘Today‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video. After all, when you’re not having such a great day yourself, isn’t it nice to see other people so happy?

That’s because Paisely’s ‘Today‘ video is a stream of video clips of happy events in other people’s lives — men proposing to their girlfriends, couples getting married, gatherings with friends, graduations, dads coming back from wars and surprising their children, and even a couple having the sex of their unborn child revealed to them at a Brad Paisley concert (it’s a boy!).

Paisley’s ‘Today‘ is from his upcoming as-yet untitled new album. It follows on his duet with Demi Lovato, ‘Without A Fight‘, which was released

Watch the lovely video below.

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