Britney Spears’ ‘Make Me…’ Is Fabulous — The Audio NOT the Awful Video — Repeat Rotation Video


Britney Spears has released the official video for her new single ‘Make Me…‘ and it is awful — nothing but product placement after product placement, and a childish storyline centered around a bunch of giggling women who, apparently, have never seen a man with his shirt off before.

The audio video of ‘Make Me‘, however, I’ve been playing over and over again as today’s Repeat Rotation Video. As the song? It is pure Britney.

A fabulous mix of sweet and sexy, soaring vocals, and a great beat with R&B undertones, emotion grabbing synths, and a cool melody — plus the smooth rapping sounds of G-Eazy. It’s another Britney hit.

Make Me…’ is from Britney’s upcoming ninth studio album Glory, which is due for release on August 26th. It was written by Britney, Burns, Joe Janiak and Gerald Gillum.

Listen to it below — because no, I’m not going to showcase that awful video — and pre-order her new album Glory on all major digital music sites.

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