Broods’ ‘Couldn’t Believe’ Adds an Air of Mystery and Sadness to ‘Teen Wolf’

New Zealand dream-pop duo Broods continue their conquest of the U.S. TV series soundtrack business with yet another gorgeous song featured.

This time, it’s the Broods’ indie-pop dance hit ‘Couldn’t Believe‘, which was featured on Teen Wolf on Tuesday night — Season 6, Episode 10, “Riders on the Storm“, when the group have their last night of high school.

And it’s not surprising that Broods is doing so well providing music for some of the top U.S. TV shows currently on TV. After all, much of their music has addictive melodies, Georgia Nott’s vocals always have this gorgeously plaintive and bitter-sweet quality about them, and the beat is so perfect.

But, at the same time, there is always a feeling of mystery about their music. A mystery that always seems as though it will always be out of reach.

Take ‘Couldn’t Believe‘, for instance. It’s from the duo’s Conscious album, released last year and, while the lyrics make it sound like a quintessentially happy song — “And I couldn’t believe my eyes/I couldn’t believe my ears/I couldn’t believe my luck/I couldn’t believe you’re here” — as it celebrates love, Nott’s vocals and the music, even with its cool dance beat, seem so sad. As if that happiness she is feeling right now won’t last too long.

Kind of like how you feel watching that Teen Wolf scene.

Listen to Broods’ ‘Couldn’t Believe‘ in the video below and, also, don’t miss one of their last outings into the TV series soundtrack world — ‘All Of Your Glory‘ –, which I still think is one of the most beautiful songs I heard last year.

You can pick up Conscious on most major music sites.

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