BTS’ ‘Fake Love’ gets teaser 2 and 3 million people watch it in the first 2 hours

The hugely successful South Korean boy band BTS released a second teaser trailer for their new song ‘Fake Love‘ just over two hours ago and, in that short time, it has already garnered almost three million views.

A trailer that is just 28 seconds in length, I might add, and one that tells us nothing much about ‘Fake Love‘ at all. Except that the BTS boys are incredibly cute, very photogenic and they seem to like wearing colorful jackets.

The BTS track ‘Fake Love‘ is from the band’s third Korean-language studio album Love Yourself, and is said to be an emo hip hop track.

Guess we won’t really know if that is true until ‘Fake Love‘ is released along with the album it comes from this Friday, May 18th, on Big Hit Entertainment.

Until then, you can watch the BTS teaser for ‘Fake Love‘ below, as well as the first teaser, which was released a couple of days ago, and is quite a bit longer. Over and over again, Of course.

And, don’t forget to tune into The Ellen Show on May 25th, as the Korean band will be showing up on the show for the second time, and will be performing ‘Fake Love‘ live.

I can only imagine how many screaming fans already have tickets! And how many more will be lined up outside the theater in L.A. when the BTS boys arrive.

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