BTS first K-pop group to rank on Billboard pop chart thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live and US radio airplay

BTS first K-pop group to rank on Billboard pop chart

BTS, the hugely successful K-pop group,  is officially the first K-pop group ever to rank on the Billboard Top Pop Songs chart.


The group hit the milestone this week by entering the Billboard chart at number 37 with their song ‘MIC Drop‘ featuring Desiigner.

No surprise really, though, as they not only appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live performing the song last week, they’ve been getting a lot of airplay on U.S. radio stations with the song as well.

The only other K-pop act to ever hit the Billboard Pop Music chart was back in 2012 when solo artist Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style‘ got to the number 10 spot.

But, it’s not just the Billboard Top Pop Songs chart that BTS is currently lounging on. Last week, the K-pop group entered another Billboard chart — the Hot 100 — at number 28 with the same track.

Sadly, they didn’t last long in that spot before dropping all the way down to their current position at number 71. Still, two Billboard charts in two weeks for a K-pop group is not too shabby.

Watch the video for the BTS track ‘MIC Drop‘ below to hear why so many people love it. And btw, the video does have subtitles if you want to know what they’re actually singing about.

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