BTS member RM learned English from watching ‘Friends’, says “Thank you, Mom” for buying it

Massively popular South Korean boy band BTS, now also known as Beyond the Scene, appeared on CBS Sunday Morning last weekend.

During the CBS Sunday Morning interview, BTS talked about how connected they feel to their fans, how stressful it can be to live up to people’s expectations of them and what they feel about South Korean military service.

The latter of which is mandatory for all men in Korea.

One of the coolest things about the BTS interview on CBS Sunday Morning was when the band were asked “How did you learn English?” (although it is really only RM that speaks it fluently).

Because, apparently, BTS member RM learned English with help from his mom.

He told CBS, “I love hip hop. and I love ‘Friends’ (the TV show).  My mom bought me the full series, I watched it like several times. I  just wanted to speak, and to be able to listen and understand musicians in America. I just want to say “Thank you, Mom”.

RM also talked about what it was like during the band’s first appearance at the Grammy Awards. An appearance that was possible due to fan’s running a social media campaign asking the Grammys to let the K-pop band be presenters.

“I just thought like “Am I really here?”.

What do the men of BTS think about their fans?

The seven-member boy band was also asked about their feelings when it comes to fans’ over-enthusiastic response to them. A response that often becomes a security threat.

“Can you describe that enthusiasm?”, the CBS Sunday Morning interviewer asked.

“I’m amazed by it”, J-hope said. “To receive all this love”.

“I think we’re able to quickly engage with our fans by being sincere with our feelings. We try to share our emotions with our fans,” added Jimin.

“Whenever we begin our performance, I take out my ear pieces and listen to the shouting and screaming,” Jungkook said, “It fills me with energy”.

Watch the CBS Sunday Morning interview with BTS below to find out more about the band, plus what they said about having to serve in the South Korean military. (There is only an Indonesian-subtitled video now available on YouTube, but the sound is still in English).

Now don’t they all seem to be the nicest, most respectful men?

For more on BTS, check out the band’s official website.

And, if you want to see what all the fuss about BTS is all about in America and beyond — especially as they mainly sing in Korean — check out their latest video below. Cool, eh?

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