Cahoots (feat Roomie) Wows YouTube with ‘No Money’ – Almost 1 Million Views (Video)

cahoots no money british band

New British/Spanish band Cahoots have been wowing YouTube in the last couple of weeks with their new song ‘Money‘. The three YouTubers that make up Cahoots, Matt DeFreitas, Tom Joseph Law and Curricé, got together with Swedish YouTuber Roomie to produce the song and the video, and both the song and the video are absolutely rocking.

So much rocking, in fact, Cahoot’s ‘Money‘ has almost 1 million views already.

Cahoots was formed, by the way, after Matt, Joseph and Curri met at a YouTube workshop, loved what each other was doing on their own YouTube channels, and decided to form a band.

If you want to find out more about them, check out their introduction video which is also below and, of course, subscribe to their YouTube channel and check out Roomie’s.

Cute, eh?


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