Captivating the King Eps 1 and 2 debut to strong rating – even higher for Ep 2

EDIT: Please note, the actual ratings are reversed with Episode 2 earning the low rating and Episode 1 the higher rating. The originally published ratings in Korea were amended at a later date.

The new tvN drama Captivating the King, Episodes 1 and 2 premiered on tvN back-to-back last night to strong ratings for both episodes.

Captivating the King, Episode 1 earned a strong 3.08 percent rating nationwide, while Episode 2 grabbed a higher 3.97 percent.

In Seoul, the new historical drama grabbed even higher ratings, with Episode 1 garnering 3.22 percent and Episode 2 a higher 4.07 percent.

In other words, so far, viewers seem to have enjoyed the first episode so much, they were happy to move on and watch Episode 2 right after.

The plot of Captivating the King

The new Korean period drama follows the story of Grand Prince Jin Han/ Yi In (played by Jo Jung Suk).

He is a monarch who has nobody around him he can trust, until he meets baduk player Kang Hee Soo/Kang Mong Woo (played by Shin Sae Kyeong) who initially approaches Jin Han as she wants revenge, but soon finds herself falling in love with him.

The Korean drama stars the aforementioned Jo Jung Suk and Shin Sae Kyeong, alongside Lee Shin Young, with a supporting cast including Park Ye Young, Jo Sung Ha, and Choi Dae Hoon.

From now on, Captivating the King will air one episode every Saturday and Sunday evening at 21:20 (KST) on tvN through March 10th, 2024.

International subscribers can watch the period drama on Netflix.

Episode 3 will premiere on Saturday, January 27th. Let’s see if it can maintain its strong ratings, eh?

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