Charli XCX burning a car in ‘White Mercedes’ video in this environmental crisis pisses me off

English singer songwriter Charli XCX has released a ‘White Mercedes‘ music video that starts with her sitting in a white car that is hanging from a crane.

And all I could think when I first saw it was “If that thing had turned out not to be secured properly, it could have been the end of her”.

Then again, the electro pop singer is also filmed further on in the video standing on top of a large white truck in a filmy pink evening gown as it speeds through a field.

So, no, safety probably wasn’t her main concern when she was filming the ‘White Mercedes‘ video.

Although neither was being concerned about the environment apparently.

Not if setting fire to said car hanging on the crane is anything to go by.

Especially as cars themselves are already resource-heavy as it is. Then Charli XCX decides burning one so that thick black smoke billows into the air is the way to go.

Now that just pisses me off.

Because it’s not just the air pollution involved. It’s also the message of being utterly unconcerned about the environment that that sends.

And so, regardless of how catchy and addictive that song is, Charli XCX’s ‘White Mercedes‘ video gets a big thumbs down from me.

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