Charli XCX obsesses over ‘Boys’ in new video

Charli XCX obsesses over ‘Boys’ in new music video

Charli XCX apparently has a thing for ‘Boys‘. Boys of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Boys dancing, in pillow fights, combing their hair, cleaning their teeth, playing with power equipment, all tattooed, even doing sexual things with food.


And famous boys especially apparently, as Charli XCX’s new video has cameos from hundreds of famous boys including Charlie Puth, Khalid, Tom Daley, Caspar Lee, Diplo, Brendon Urie, Taka and Jay Park.

Yep. Boys.

Charli XCX loves them all in the just-released video for her latest single ‘Boys‘. A video directed by Charli XCX herself, and one that is extremely cute, and with one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in ages.

The only sad thing about this video? She chose to include The Fat Jew. A no-talent nobody who has made himself rich by stealing other people’s photographs and other people’s jokes without giving them credit. And for that, I have a lot less respect for her.

The video is cute though. Watch it below.

And if you’d like to see all the boys in the video ‘rated’, here’s Vice’s Lauren O’Neill who has done just that. Including shoving The Fat Jew right at the bottom where he belongs.

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