Charli XCX’s new song ‘5 In The Morning’ is her massively self-confident and doing her thing


Charli XCX’s new single ‘5 In The Morning‘ shows off baller girl

The official audio for Charli XCX‘s new hip hop/trap pop single ‘5 In The Morning‘ has just been released, and it is another Charli XCX track that is likely to be a big hit.

Because, unlike many of her peers, the 25-year-old English singer songwriter’s music is constantly growing and changing so you never get a chance to be bored with her.

TakeĀ Charli XCX’s new single ‘5 In The Morning‘, a banger of a song if I’ve ever heard one, and one far removed from her massive electro pop hit ‘You’re The One‘ in style and sensibility.

Because ‘5 In The Morning’ is not only musically more developed, it is also Charli XCX as much more the Iggy Azalea type of woman — massively confident, doing her thing whether you like it or not — than it is the I’m completely in love and I’m yours forever young woman with far less self-confidence she used to be.

5 In The Morning‘ was produced by The Invisible Men, and it is the first song in, what Charlie XCX said herself this week on Twitter, is going to be such a slew of new music this year you’re “going to be sick of her” by the time she’s finished. Honestly, if what she releases is as good as this song, I doubt it.

Listen to ‘5 In The Morning‘ below. And I don’t know about you, but I love it.

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