Charlie Puth is one helluva singer live, watch him sing ‘Attention’ live on the Honda Stage

Charlie Puth is one helluva singer live

I am an absolute sucker for singers that can actually sing just as well live as they do on an album, which is why I rate Charlie Puth as one of the best singers skyrocketing to fame at the moment. Because, let’s face it, whenever you see Charlie Puth singing live, he proves every time just how beautiful his voice is. Even without the auto-tuning of his albums.

Case in point, Charlie Puth singing ‘Attention‘ live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater NY recently. Because just watch him performing.

Not only does he hit all those notes with a richness and sweetness you only expect from some singers’ recordings, he also spends half the song playing with the song and the audience, clowning around and having fun.

Charlie Puth was at the iHeartRadio Theater NY to not only perform ‘Attention‘, however, but also a slew of other songs in front of that very lucky intimate audience.

Those songs included ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore‘, ‘The Way I Am’, ‘How Long‘ and one of his newest singles ‘Done For Me‘ from his second album Voicenotes just released on May 11th.

Watch all of the songs below, pay special attention to ‘Attention‘, because that is one sweet performance and…enjoy. Because Charlie Puth really is that damned talented.

Watch Charlie Puth sing ‘How Long’ live on Sounds Like Friday Night — what a cool performance


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