Charlie Puth rocks Gene Kelly moves in ‘How Long’ music video and he’s cool

Charlie Puth rocks Gene Kelly moves in ‘How Long‘ music video and he’s cool

Charlie Puth‘s just released music video for his new R&B style pop single ‘How Long‘ has Puth as more of a modern-day Gene Kelly than a young, hip 21st century singer songwriter, and I like it.

After all, it’s not every day you see a young singer dressed in a snazzy suit, and dancing and singing his way through late-night Los Angeles. In Gene Kelly’s era, we used to get that all the time. I, for one, have missed it.

The song itself is definitely going to be a winner too, I would say. What with its incredibly catchy melody and chorus, and Puth’s soaring vocals. I know I played it through five or six times the first time I heard it, and still had a hard time letting go.

As for the subject matter of Charlie Puth’s ‘How Long‘, it’s Charlie apologizing to the girl he is dating for cheating on her with someone else. “I’ll admit, I was wrong, what else can I say girl?/ Can’t you break my head and not my heart?/I was drunk, I was gone, that don’t make it right/But I promise there were no feelings involved”.

How Long‘ is the second single from Puth’s upcoming sophomore albumĀ Voicenotes, which will be released sometime in 2018 on Atlantic Records.

Watch his official music video below, and get a load of his smooth moves. Yep, that boy can dance.

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