Charlotte Cardin and CRi release ‘Fous N’importe Où’ for Tourism Québec campaign

Charlotte Cardin and CRi’s ‘Fous N’importe Où‘ is part of Tourism Québec promotional campaign

Canadian singer songwriter Charlotte Cardin has teamed up with Montreal music producer CRi and released the song ‘Fous N’importe Où‘ as part of of a new promotional campaign for Tourism Québec.

The song is a remake of the Daniel Bélanger original, released by the fellow Montreal artist in 2001 on his third studio album ‘Rêver mieux’ (‘Dream Better’).

The Charlotte Cardin/CRi version of ‘Fous N’importe Où’ (‘English translation — Crazy Anywhere’) has Cardin sticking pretty closely to Daniel Bélanger’s vision of the song, while CRi has updated the song so that it has become far more pop and more electronic.

The track is the second release from Cardin in a week, as the French-Canadian singer also released the official music video for her latest single ‘Drive‘ last week.

Listen to Charlotte Cardin and CRi’s ”Fous N’importe Où’ in the video below. You can also hear the original Daniel Bélanger release below that.

If you like the updated version, you can stream and buy the track from this link, and learn more about Charlotte Cardin on her website and CRi from this Noisey interview.

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